Digital Multi-Purpose Training Range - Fort Hood, Texas

Spanning 7,600 acres total, this project included support buildings, downrange targetry, tactical trails, target service roads, downrange data, (fiber optic cable), and power. New support buildings included a Range Operations Center, Control Tower and After Action Review Building, and a covered Ammo Landing Dock. The range consisted of 36 Stationary armor targets, six moving armor targets, 105 stationary infantry targets, four moving infantry targets, six building facades, a wooden construction, battle positions, and eight defilades). Other features included erosion protection, native grasses, erosion control matting, culverts, five range limit markers, two camera towers, raised computer floor, lighting protection and heat pump/cooling system, and crushed rock tactical and service roads. Emerson served as the prime contractor andĀ self-performed concrete work, metal building erection, and miscellaneous carpentry. This project earned an "Above Average" CCASS report.

Fort Hood, TX
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Contract Amount: 
$16.2 Million